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Playing With Fire: Everything In Moderation

Title: Playing With Fire: Everything In Moderation (1/2)
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: R, NC-17 overall
Warnings: Will contain drug use and abuse, and scenes of a sexual nature.
Summary: In which Sungmin plays and Kyuhyun gets in too deep.



Kyuhyun’s head jerked up at the sound of a nickname he hadn’t heard in years.

‘Cho Kyuhyun?’

He looked around to see a face he knew like a favourite painting, but was wholly unfamiliar at the same time.

A face he hadn’t really expected to see again.

‘It is you!’ the older boy exclaimed, smiling brightly. ‘Talk about a blast from the past. It’s me, Lee Sung-‘

‘Min,’Kyuhyun finished, allowing a small smile to pull at the corner of his mouth. ‘It’s been a while.’

Sungmin gave a snort that contradicted his pretty features. ‘A while, he says. It’s been years.’ He grinned at Kyuhyun and reached out to push his shoulder. ‘Look at you! So tall… you tower over me now!’

Kyuhyun chuckled. ‘I’ve always towered over you, Min.’ He gave his friend a quick once over. ‘You’ve gone blonde.’

Sungmin ran a hand through his bleached hair with a laugh. ‘Yeah, I felt I wasn’t having enough fun.’

Sungmin’s blinding grin had always made Kyuhyun feel… something, he remembered as the older boy flashed one of those very grins.

‘I didn’t know you went here,’ Kyuhyun commented and Sungmin rolled his eyes.

‘Not particularly surprising, we haven’t spoken for, what, it must be six, seven years now?’ Sungmin asked, and Kyuhyun shrugged.

‘Sounds about right. Bit of a coincidence, bumping into each other here.’

Sungmin grinned cheekily and nudged Kyuhyun. ‘Must be fate.’

Kyuhyun’s lips twitched in a smile as Sungmin pulled out a crushed packet of cigarettes from his pocket and inserted one between his lips.

‘You smoke?’ Kyuhyun asked, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

Sungmin grimaced as he patted his pockets. ‘Nasty habit,’ he mumbled around the cigarette.

Kyuhyun pulled a lighter from his own pocket and held it up for the blonde.

‘I know,’ he said with a smirk.

Sungmin chuckled. ‘You too?’ He leaned forward and took a drag, the yellow blue flame of the lighter beginning to crumble the cigarette to its slow, fiery end. ‘Guess we can’t have grown too much apart, then,’ he said with a grin and a cloud of smoke.

Kyuhyun laughed and pocketed his lighter. ‘Guess not.’

‘Hey, you doing anything this afternoon?’Sungmin asked suddenly. ‘I’m heading to a friend’s place if you wanna join. We can catch up.’

Kyuhyun blinked at the sudden invitation and considered it. His only plan for the rest of the day was video games and he was pretty sure they could wait.

‘Yeah, I’m free. Your friend won’t mind?’ Kyuhyun asked.

Sungmin snorted again. ‘That’s if he even notices. Nah, it’s cool. If I vouch for you, it’s all good.’

‘Vouch for me?’ Kyuhyun repeated, his forehead furrowing slightly.

Sungmin winked and blew out a stream of smoke. ‘You still got my back, right?’ He jerked his head for Kyuhyun to follow him.

Kyuhyun fell into step beside him and eyed him out the corner of his eye, a smirk pulling at his lips. ‘Who are you?’

Sungmin grinned. ‘Guess you’re about to find out.’ He clapped Kyuhyun on the back. ‘Come on.’


A cheer of greetings went up as Sungmin entered the lounge, Kyuhyun trailing after him.

‘Who’s the skinny dude?’ asked a burly guy lazing on the couch, jerking his head towards Kyuhyun.

Sungmin turned and ushered Kyuhyun forward, guiding him by his elbow.

‘This is Kyuhyun. We were friends a lifetime ago,’ Sungmin declared and a golden haired boy blinked confusedly up at him.

‘A lifetime ago? How do you kn-‘ he started.

‘When we were kids, Hae, when we were kids,’ Sungmin interrupted, and the golden haired boy subsided with a mild ‘oh’.

The burly guy from before nodded at Kyuhyun. ‘Sup. Kangin. You don’t really need to know anyone else’s name.’ This statement was followed by Kangin cracking up into a burst of eye-crinkling laughter that made Kyuhyun smile a little.

‘Is this your place?’ he asked, and Kangin snorted.

‘As if I’d let these fuckers take over my place,’ Kangin replied, and pointed at a guy with black hair (although Kyuhyun thought hair was too nice of a word, as it looked more like a birds nest a hurricane had shat out) who was focussed intently on the table in front of him. ‘That would be the sucker over there. Yah, Yesung!’ Kangin shouted and the guy looked up. ‘You have guests.’

Yesung turned his attention to Kyuhyun and Sungmin, who was busy settling into a beanbag on the floor.

‘Oh. Hi,’ Yesung said, nodding at Sungmin and then giving Kyuhyun a quick once over. ‘Um.Long time no see.’

Kyuhyun quirked an eyebrow. ‘Yeah, we’ve never met,’ he replied dryly and a look of relief crossed over Yesung’s face as laughter filled the room.

‘Oh good. I didn’t just forget you,’ Yesung said.

‘Kyuhyun,’ a still chortling Kangin enlightened him, pointing at Kyuhyun.

‘Nice to meet you,’ Yesung told him, ‘Um. You can.’ He waved a hand vaguely around the room. ‘Sit down. If you want.’ And his attention was back on the table.

‘He’s kind of a crap host, but he doesn’t give a shit about what we do, so it’s all good,’ Kangin informed Kyuhyun with grin as Kyuhyhun settled himself awkwardly in another beanbag.

‘I’m too fucking tall for this shit,’ Kyuhyun muttered, and looked up at Kangin, who had put his feet up on the table.‘Sounds like this is a regular hangout, then.’

Sungmin snorted from next to Kyuhyun.

‘He’s here more than he’s at home,’ Sungmin remarked dryly, and dodged the beer can Kangin chucked at his head.

‘Only cos you fuckers don’t wake me up when I pass out,’ Kangin complained.

‘You’re impossible to wake up, and to be entirely honest, at that point I really couldn’t give a shit,’ Sungmin replied with a snarky flash of teeth, stubbing out his cigarette butt in the makeshift bottle cap ashtray on the table and turning to Kyuhyun.

‘So, Kyu, what’ve you been up to all these years?’

Kyuhyun shrugged. ‘School, mostly.’

Sungmin laughed. ‘Tell me about it.’

‘As if you give a crap about school!’ Kangin laughed, a billow of smoke surrounding his head.

Sungmin flipped him off and Kyuhyun felt a nudge at his other side. He turned to see the golden haired boy holding out a hand rolled joint. Kyuhyun blinked at it, but before he could react, Sungmin had leaned over and plucked it from the outstretched fingers.

‘You go further than tobacco?’ Sungmin asked, bringing the joint to his lips.

‘Like, weed?’ Kyuhyun asked.

‘You didn’t even ask him if he smokes?’ Kangin asked, surprised.

‘I have, once or twice,’ Kyuhyun told him, and Sungmin raised a smug eyebrow at Kangin as he handed Kyuhyun the spliff.

Kyuhyun shrugged slightly and took a drag as Kangin stuck his tongue out at Sungmin.

‘Yah, Donghae! Don’t steal it back that way!’ another blonde on the other side of Sungmin exclaimed as the golden haired boy reached out sneaky fingers towards the joint Kyuhyun still held.

Resisting the urge to cough, Kyuhyun passed the joint towards the blonde who introduced himself as Eunhyuk, while Donghae grinned guiltily next to him.

Letting the smoke out sooner than the others, and trying to keep from coughing like a complete amateur, Kyuhyun turned to Sungmin, who appeared to be blowing smoke rings.

‘So you just switch the cigarette for a joint?’ Kyuhyun asked, wincing at the crackle in his voice.

Across from them, Kangin snorted. ‘Min here always has something between his lips.’ The statement was accompanied by a wink and a leer, and Kyuhyun arched an eyebrow.

‘Would you kindly stop hijacking our conversation?’Sungmin demanded, and rolled his eyes when Kangin screwed up his face and silently imitated him.

‘I get the feeling he wasn’t talking about smoking,’ Kyuhyun said with a slight grin.

‘His mind lives in the gutter, ignore him,’ Sungmin dismissed with a wave of his hand.

‘Hey, there was truth in what I said, whether you’re man enough to admit it or not!’

‘Didn’t I tell you to fuck off?’ Sungmin demanded of Kangin.

‘I was just defending my honour, that’s allowed!’ Kangin exclaimed and Sungmin shook his head, turning back to Kyuhyun, who was starting to get a niggling feeling about what Kangin was hinting at.

‘Um… are you… uh… are you-‘ Kyuhyun started.

‘Gay?’ Sungmin saved him from stumbling over his words even more. ‘Yeah. That a problem?’

Kyuhyun shook his head rapidly (and regretted his vigour as his head swam a bit). ‘No, no, I don’t really give a shit about that kind of thing, I just… didn’t know.’

Sungmin relaxed and laughed. ‘Don’t think I’d even really admitted it to myself the last time we saw each other- I mean, fuck, puberty was barely over then.’

Kyuhyun chuckled. ‘Chain smoker, dyed hair, gay, doing drugs… oh my parents would be so disappointed if they knew. Who’d they compare me to now?’ He accepted the joint Donghae held out and felt mildly accomplished when the urge to cough was less than the previous drag.

‘They compare you to me? How does that even work?’ Sungmin chuckled, taking the joint.

‘They assume you’ve gone on to do great things,’ Kyuhyun said after a few beats. ‘They reckon you’ve made it big, passed school with flying colours, probably already settled down with a nice wife and some high paying job.’

Sungmin raised an eyebrow. ‘How much older than you do they think I am, exactly?’

Kyuhyun shrugged. ‘I kinda think they just drew your name out of a hat.’

‘Surely they’re proud of you, though?’ Sungmin asked.

Kyuhyun snorted. ‘Their smoker son who apparently has so much potential but spends all his time playing video games? Oh yeah, they think the sun shines out my ass,’ he replied sarcastically, and took a drag of the joint held out to him, not really concerned with how it had gotten back around to him so fast.

‘They don’t even know I’m bi,’ he exhaled on a cloud of smoke.

Sungmin’s eyebrows shot up and smoke curled out of his nose.  ‘You mean you’re not as straight as a pole?’

Kyuhyun chuckled and shook his head.

‘I am feeling decidedly outnumbered here,’ Kangin declared loudly.

‘Still eavesdropping?’ Sungmin asked wryly.

Kangin held up his hands in defence. ‘I heard a statement that meant I was the only person in the room that does not suck dick.’

‘Wow.’ Sungmin pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘Wow,’ he repeated. ‘Kangin. You just- wow.’

‘I’ve never actually- this is a relatively recent development for me,’ Kyuhyun said awkwardly

‘Yeah?’ Sungmin said, his full attention back on Kyuhyun and a curious little smirk unfurled on his face. ‘How far have you gone with a guy?’

‘Oh, come on, Min, really?’ Kangin groaned, ‘You’re gay, not a girl. Why you gotta go asking for details?’

‘Block your ears if you don’t wanna hear, then, I don’t give a fuck,’ Sungmin rejoined, and looked expectantly at Kyuhyun, Donghae chortling when Kangin stuffed his fingers into his ears.

‘You’d think he’d be used to this kinda thing by now, hanging out here as much as he does,’ Donghae chuckled softly.

‘Um. Can I just say not very far and leave it at that?’ Kyuhyun asked weakly.

Sungmin shrugged. ‘Sure. I think I’ll get it out of you sooner or later.

Kyuhyun laughed. ‘We’ll see about that. So is everyone here gay?’

‘I’m bi,’ Donghae supplied.

‘Eunhyuk is… pretty much only gay for Donghae- they’re together when they’re not vaguely sober. Yesung and Ryeowook over there are dating.’ Sungmin gestured to the other side of the group, and Kyuhyun assumed the redhead to whom he hadn’t been introduced was Ryeowook, and he lifted an answering hand in greeting.

‘Kangin’s not the only straight male friend of ours, he’s just the only one here right now,’ Donghae added, and grinned when he saw Kangin cautiously remove his fingers from his ears. ‘His dick felt so good in my ass,’ he said loudly and Kangin let out a yell and kicked his shin.

‘You fucking asshole! I do not need those images in my head!’ Kangin groaned while Donghae collapsed in giggles.

Kyuhyun felt his lips twitching, then he was chuckling along with the rest of the room at the pained look on Kangin’s face.

‘You’re all a bunch of dicks,’ Kangin declared, sending a fresh wave of laughter rippling around the room.

Kyuhyun’s head felt heavy and he easily welcomed the joint as it was passed around to him.

He couldn’t be sure how long he sat there in comfortable conversation and laughter, especially because he was slipping between timezones, but he dimly became aware of the pressure on his bladder.

With great effort, he reached out and punched Sungmin lightly on the shoulder.

‘I need to piss, where’s the bathroom?’ Kyuhyun said when Sungmin turned to look at him.

Sungmin pointed down a hallway and Kyuhyun heaved himself to his feet, squinting a bit to focus on the walk.

He sighed in relief as his bladder began to empty, and focused intensely on the tiled wall to try and negate his swaying, but got distracted when he heard a splash and saw a slight movement in his peripheral vision.

His brow creased as he slowly turned his head, unaware that he was now missing a bit, and only furrowed even more when he finally focussed on the tub.

‘What the fuck?’ he said, ‘Is that a-?’


‘Dude, what the fuck was in that weed?’ Kyuhyun muttered to Sungmin as he settled himself back down into his beanbag.

‘What? Nothing. It was just weed. Unless you got a joint I didn’t, in which case, unfair,’ Sungmin declared with a mock pout.

Kyuhyun ran both hands through his hair in confusion.

‘Fuck, I swear I just saw a fucking turtle in the bathtub,’ he muttered.

Sungmin snorted, and then collapsed into full-blown giggles.

Kyuhyun found himself unwillingly chuckling along even as he asked, ‘What?’

‘Yeah, there wasn’t anything in the weed, the turtle’s real. Her name’s Ddangkoma,’ Sungmin told him in between bouts of laughter.

Kyuhyun blinked. ‘Why is there a turtle in the fucking bathtub?’

Sungmin just hiccupped with laughter again, and Kyuhyun found himself laughing along despite himself.

Later that night, after he had somehow managed to make his way home, he lay on his bed and stared foggily at the ceiling.

He felt good, he decided, he felt relaxed and he’d enjoyed himself, and the crowd of people he’d met weren’t half bad. He reckoned he’d take Sungmin up on his offer to hang out again.

The last thought on his mind as he drifted off to sleep was that damn, Sungmin had looked good.


Kyuhyun quickly fell into a fairly regular routine, hanging out atYesung’s, smoking weed, and playing catch up with Sungmin (who, after plying Kyuhyun with copious amounts of alcohol, had gotten Kyuhyun to tell him that the furthest he’d gotten with a guy was a few heated make-out sessions and some below the belt groping- and then he’d gotten the greenies and felt decidedly ill.).

It had been a month or two when Sungmin called Kyuhyun up.

‘We’re going out tonight,’ he said without preamble.

Kyuhyun blinked in confusion, having been comfortably situated in front of his computer absorbed in a game, occasionally taking a drag of the joint he’d filched from Yesung’s a couple days previously. ‘What?’

‘We’ve all decided that we’re going partying tonight. It’s Wednesday, Pig’s Night, drinks are cheap, and we haven’t really been out for a while,’ Sungmin informed him briskly, ‘You’re coming, right?’

Kyuhyun looked at his paused game. ‘Um-‘

‘Be ready in ten,’ Sungmin cut off and Kyuhyun was left listening to a dial tone before he could open his mouth to reply. He sat there for a second or so and toyed with the idea of not moving, but carefully stubbed the joint out and heaved himself out of his chair nonetheless.

‘Give me minute, will you!’ he yelled out the window at the hooting car outside about ten minutes later, as he untangled his shirt.

‘Half a minute!’ Kangin yelled back, sitting on the window frame and drumming on the roof.

Kyuhyun chuckled as he pulled his shirt over his head, hearing Kangin yelp and Sungmin berating him before leaning on the horn again.

‘I’m coming!’ Kyuhyun shouted in reply.

‘Hurry up, will you, before Kangin crushes my car door!’

Kyuhyun shut the window on Kangin’s ‘Oi!’ and grabbed his wallet and keys as he headed towards the door.

‘Took you long enough,’ Sungmin commented, tapping the ash of his cigarette out the window as Kyuhyun climbed into the backseat.

‘Cos you move so fast when mildly stoned,’ Kyuhyun rejoined, as Sungmin pulled away before the door had fully closed.

‘That’s no excuse,’ Kangin told him, and Sungmin snorted.

‘You take longer than him even not stoned, so I don’t really think you’re one to talk,’ Sungmin declared as he took the corner a bit too fast and Kyuhyun slid across the backseat in a tangle of limbs.

‘You are a public menace!’ he cried, rubbing his shoulder and reaching for his seatbelt. ‘You could have at least waited for me to buckle up.’

‘When Min’s driving, the oh shit handle is my best friend,’ Kangin shared unhelpfully, smiling sunnily at the now dishevelled Kyuhyun.

‘I’m not the one who totalled my car,’ Sungmin mumbled around his cigarette as he flung the car around another corner.

‘I didn’t total it! The back is just a little… dented,’ Kangin defended.

‘You reversed into a wall because you got distracted by some hot piece of ass, I mean seriously,’ Sungmin replied, and Kyuhyun watched the occasionally glowing ash fly past the window from Sungmin’s cigarette.

‘She was really hot,’ Kangin mumbled as Kyuhyun leaned forward to sneak his fingers into the cigarette packet lying between the two front seats.

‘Forget yours?’ Sungmin asked, glancing down.

‘You were hurrying me,’ Kyuhyun muttered defensively, and Sungmin laughed and leaned forward to press the car lighter in.

‘… shot,’ Kyuhyun mumbled as the lighter popped and Sungmin held it out for him to light up. ‘Should you really be doing that while driving?’ he asked on a stream of smoke.

‘Just cos Kangin’s a useless lump,’ Sungmin grinned.

‘Ah, fuck you,’ Kangin replied.

‘I’m sure you’d love to,’ Sungmin said with sly smirk.

‘And what gives you that crazy idea?’ Kangin demanded.

‘I give better head than any girl you’ve ever been with,’ Sungmin said with a wink, dropping his burnt out cigarette butt out the window.

Kangin gave a shout of laughter. ‘Mmm, yeah, doubt that.’

Sungmin glanced at Kyuhyun through the rear-view mirror and gave a slight smirk. ‘Oh yeah, forgot the girls you’re with are professionals.’

‘Hey, I will have you know that I do not have to pay to get any action,’ Kangin defended loudly, his eyebrows a lot higher than normal to make his point. ‘I don’t have a girlfriend because-‘

‘Because you’re too much of a lazy ass to split your time between a girl and drugs?’ Sungmin cut in, and Kangin gave a brisk nod and a large hand gesture of agreement.

‘Exactly! I don’t need some bint ragging on me to stop doing drugs. This is why one night stands were invented. Relationships take all the fun out of things.’

Kyuhyun snorted. ‘Sounds a bit like an excuse to me,’ he put in, and easily dodged Kangin’s flailing hand.

‘Whatever,’ Kangin grumbled, abandoning his attempt to cause Kyuhyun physical harm and sitting straight in his seat again. ‘You’re in for a surprise tonight, so. Just. Yeah.’

Kyuhyun arched an eyebrow but decided to attempt to blow smoke rings instead of deciphering Kangin’s babble, occasionally surreptitiously eyeing the small part of Sungmin’s face he could see in the rear-view mirror, admiring the way his whiteblonde hair enhanced his warm tan and brushed against his soft cheekbones and- Sungmin caught him staring and gave him a little wink, and all Kyuhyun could think to do as a reply was stick his tongue out childishly.

The brakes complained as Sungmin swerved into a parking bay and came to a sudden halt and Kyuhyun coughed all the remaining smoke out of his lungs as his chest was suddenly compressed by his seatbelt.

Kangin complained louder than the brakes though, rubbing the knee he had hit against the glove compartment at the rapid stop.

‘I didn’t know a car this shit had a braking time that impressive, fuck, that hurt,’ Kangin groaned, gripping his knee and Sungmin rolled his eyes, pulling his keys from the ignition.

‘Oh please. You should get into theatre, you do a magnificent dying swan,’ Sungmin told him snidely.

‘I don’t think I have a chest cavity anymore,’ Kyuhyun croaked from the back seat, rubbing his breastbone in an effort to ease the pain.

Sungmin glanced back at him before pulling himself out the car. ‘You’re breathing, you’ll survive,’ floated in through the open door and Kyuhyun and Kangin exchanged ‘he’s a fucking maniac’ glances before heaving themselves out of the car as well.

‘They’re here!’ A voice cried gleefully from the third floor, causing the three to look up to see Donghae smiling happily and waving cheerfully out the window.

A hand reached out and grabbed Donghae’s shoulder, yanking him back into the apartment. Eunhyuk’s head appeared in his stead, his blonde hair glowing in the dying light.

‘Don’t bother coming up, we’re heading down before Hae clears out the last of Yesung’s booze,’ Eunhyuk yelled, and Donghae’s bright smile appeared again.

‘Lime schnapps is yummy,’ he sang, and a window on the floor above opened.

‘Could you keep it down, some people actually study in this building, you know!’ someone called grumpily.

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes and lifted his middle finger in the general direction of the complaining voice.                       

‘Your car actually doesn’t look like a pile of shit in this light,’ Kangin idly commented, leaning against the said ‘pile of shit’, the dirty white reflecting the rich oranges and pinks of the sunset.

‘Yeah, it does,’ Kyuhyun objected, ‘It looks like it should be abandoned in a field creating a romantic backdrop for two love-struck teenagers who’ve decided to spend the night together under the stars.’

Kangin and Sungmin snorted simultaneously, Kangin’s chuckling creating the soundtrack to Sungmin’s next incredulous statement.

‘Never knew you were a wordsmith, Kyu. Is this what drugs do to you?’ Sungmin chuckled, his eyebrows floating around his hairline, and Kyuhyun ignored the faint flush he felt rising in his cheeks.

‘Whatever,’ he muttered, folding his arms petulantly, his cheeks growing hotter at Kangin’s howl of ‘So much cheese!’

Kyuhyun’s eyes darted up from the tarmac to Sungmin’s teasing smirk, and found his eyes tracing the soft slopes of Sungmin’s face as the warm palette of colours from the conflagration of the dying sun caressed his features. Kyuhyun’s eyes followed the threads of orange and pink sunlight that wove through Sungmin’s hair- until he noticed Sungmin’s dark, all too knowing eyes glinting mischievously back at him, and quickly averted his eyes, grateful when Donghae burst out the front door of the apartment building singing.

‘The other guys gonna meet us there?’ Kangin asked, dropping his head back on the car roof and peering at the other guys following a now blissfully twirling Donghae out the building.

‘Some of them,’ Shindong- one of the previously absent straight friends, a jovial guy with a kind of mohawk- replied, striding up to Kangin and holding out his hand for a brusque handshake, Kangin’s hand slipping into his pocket afterwards.

Kyuhyun raised a confused eyebrow at that, and at Eunhyuk pulling Sungmin into a brief man hug, especially when Eunhyuk slipped his hand a bit into Sungmin’s pocket. Sungmin patted his pocket and gave Eunhyuk a nod, then saw Kyuhyun looking on bemusedly and shot him a wink, quirking an eyebrow in promise of something, although Kyuhyun had no idea what.

‘Youlooking forward to tonight?’ Donghae beamed, flinging his arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulders. ‘It’s gonna be fun!’

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but chuckle at the older boy standing on his tippy toes to reach his shoulders. ‘I’m sure it will be.’

Donghae gave him a wink and a wide grin. ‘You have no idea.’ And with that, he bounded over to hang off Eunhyuk’s neck, peering contentedly over the blonde’s shoulder.

‘Why do I get the feeling when you guys party it’s not quite what I’m used to?’ Kyuhyun remarked wryly as Sungmin wandered up next to him, and Sungmin chuckled.

‘Trust me, you’re gonna love it. It’s hard not to,’ Sungmin grinned.

‘I wish you’d all stop speaking in riddles,’ Kyuhyun groaned just for the sake of it.

‘Now where’s the fun in that?’ Sungmin eyes glittered with mirth, and Kyuhyun felt his lips twitch as they started moving off in a raggedy bunch, the sky quickly fading into velvet blue black as cigarettes were passed around under streetlights flickering on, laughter and boisterous conversation filling the air.

Kyuhyun lifted his head and blew out a stream of smoke that twisted in the streetlight as they waited for the pedestrian light to change. He felt awarmth at his back and hands slipping into his back pockets, and glanced sideways to see Sungmin’s platinum hair shining in the light as his chin rested on his shoulder.

‘You look a million miles away,’ Sungmin commented, watching the last tendrils of smoke curl into the darkness.

‘Your hands are on my ass,’ Kyuhyun replied, and caught the twitch of Sungmin’s lips in his peripheral vision.

‘Indeed they are.  Does it make you uncomfortable?’ Sungmin asked innocently.

Kyuhyun brought his newly lit cigarette up to his lips as he pondered whether being hyperaware of something necessarily constituted a level of discomfort, and Sungmin’s chuckle distracted him before he came to a conclusion.

‘I don’t particularly favour topping anyway,’ Sungmin murmured, his breath warm on Kyuhyun’s ear, before he slipped his hands out of Kyuhyun’s pockets and plucked the cigarette from his fingers, taking a drag and throwing a cheeky wink Kyuhyun’s way as he wandered across the painted zebra stripes on the road.

‘So, what’s going on between you two?’ Ryeowook asked, making Kyuhyun jump slightly with the suddenness of his appearance.


‘You and Sungmin. What’s going on between the two of you?’ Ryeowook repeated.

Kyuhyun glanced at Sungmin ahead of them. ‘Nothing,’ he replied, ‘We’re just friends. I’ve known him forever.’

Ryeowook quirked his head to the side. ‘Oh. Okay, if you say so.’

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow at the shorter boy. ‘If I say so? I’m not lying.’

Ryeowook shrugged innocently, a small smile playing around his lips. ‘I never said you were.’

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes. ‘I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at…’

‘I’m not getting at anything,’ Ryeowook said, blinking innocuously up at Kyuhyun.

‘Well now you’re just-‘

‘Oh look, we’re here!’ Ryeowook interrupted, and practically skipped off, beaming at Kyuhyun.

‘You sorted?’ Shindong asked, slapping Kyuhyun on the shoulder.

‘Sor-‘ Kyuhyun started but got cut off by Sungmin appearing next to him.

‘He’s sorted,’ Sungmin told Shindong who raised his eyebrows as he glanced at Kyuhyun again.

‘Oh, I see,’ Shindong chuckled, ‘My bad. Have fun.’ He winked before walking away and Kyuhyun turned to Sungmin in exasperation.

‘Everyone is winking tonight. What exactly do you have up your sleeve?’ he demanded of the blonde, who simply laughed.

‘It’s not so much what I have up my sleeve, it’s more what I have in my pocket,’’ Sungmin teased him, throwing in a wink for good measure.

Kyuhyun felt perfectly justified in punching Sungmin on the shoulder. ‘Tell me what the fuck is going on.’

Sungmin jerked his head towards the throbbing club, laughter playing at his lips. ‘Inside.’

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and allowed Sungmin to drag him towards the flashing lights.

‘Just so you know,’ he shouted over the steadily rising bass, ‘I don’t really dance.’

Sungmin flashed him a grin over his shoulder. ‘You will,’ he replied, nodding at the bored looking bouncers as they entered into what Kyuhyun was sure his parents would deem a den of iniquity and headed towards the bar.

‘Oh yeah?’ Kyuhyun asked as Sungmin flagged down a bartender and asked for two shots of tequila.‘Presumptuous much?’

‘Trust me, you’ll dance,’ Sungmin told him with a sly grin, pocketing his change.

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow as he accepted the shot glass. ‘I’m not so sure trusting you is such a good idea anymore,’ he said with a small smile, before raising his glass with a laughing Sungmin and downing the shot.

He squeezed his eyes shut on reflex as the liquor burnt its way down his oesophagus, shaking his head as the last of the sting faded away.

‘So will you tell me now?’ he asked, and Sungmin grinned.

‘Get us some bottles of soju and I will,’ he replied, already waving down the bartender.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and got the soju as Sungmin wound off through the crowd, shaking his head as he pushed his way through the throngs of thirsty students to find the blonde.

‘So?’ he asked, handing one of the bottles over.

Sungmin grinned and opened his mouth, displaying the small white pill starting to dissolve in the centre of his tongue, and Kyuhyun felt his eyebrows fly up his forehead as everything fell into place (except his eyebrows).

‘What is that?’ dropped from his mouth almost without his permission.

‘Aspirin,’ Sungmin shot back, his eyes twinkling with mirth.

Kyuhyun gave him a deadpan look, and Sungmin burst into laughter.

‘It’s just some E,’ he told him, ‘You want?’

Kyuhyun hadn’t quite formulated a response before he almost buckled under the weight of Kangin’s arm being flung around his shoulder.

‘You dropped it yet?’ Kangin asked, directing his question at Sungmin.

‘I have,’ Sungmin replied, and Kangin jerked his head towards Kyuhyun.


Sungmin shook his head, a small smile playing around his lips, and Kangin turned to look at Kyuhyun.

‘You scared?’ he asked, a challenging glint in his eyes and a daring smirk on his face.

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow and thrust his hand out towards Sungmin who laughed with Kangin as he dropped his arm from Kyuhyun’s shoulders.

‘That’s more like it,’ Kangin said with one of his eye crinkling grins.

Sungmin reached forward and grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand, pulling him towards him.

‘Welcome to the club,’ Sungmin murmured in Kyuhyun’s ear, slipping a small pill into his palm.

Kyuhyun felt a slight shiver of apprehension and he brought his hand up to his mouth, hesitating a moment before burning curiosity overtook him and he curled his tongue around the innocuous chemical raindrop.

Adrenaline swirled in his veins and slunk away quietly when nothing happened.

‘I don’t feel any different,’ he commented and Kangin snorted.

‘It takes a bit to kick in,’ Sungmin told him, trying and failing to hide a smile. ‘Come on, let’s go dance so long.’

‘My answer’s still no to the dancing,’ Kyuhyun told him firmly, and Sungmin waved his outstretched hand in dismissal, grabbing Kyuhyun’s elbow and dragging him towards the thrumming mass of heaving bodies, only a few of which were actually dancing at this point.

‘The heat helps it take effect,’ Sungmin said right before he pushed Kyuhyun into the crowd.

Kyuhyun turned, prepared to admonish his friend, and ended up doing a three sixty when Sungmin wound past him, taking a swig of his soju and bouncing to the heavy beat, a twinkle in his eyes that just dared Kyuhyun to leave to a less populated part of the club.

Kyuhyun simply folded his arms and belligerently stood stock still, tilting his chin up, defiantly daring Sungmin to make him dance. Sungmin threw back his head and laughed, moving his hips to the music, and Kyuhyun decided that if heat made the drugs take effect, he was plenty warm. Warm enough to down the rest of his soju as if he were a man stranded in the desert and hold up the empty bottle as an excuse when Sungmin arched an eyebrow at him starting to fight through the crush.

Kyuhyun downed a few more shots of whatever caught his fancy at the bar, not sure whether to make his head spin or to moisten his dry throat. It was his turn to drop his head back, his eyes falling closed as his head swam and the tips of his fingers tingled. He ran his tongue along his bottom lip, his fingers twitching a bit before they began drumming out a military tattoo on the bar counter.

He felt a bit lost, as if the music was slipping insidiously inside his bones and carrying him away, and the military drumbeat turned into the rhythm of the music. He found his head nodding along and he felt like laughing at himself.

He opened his eyes, a wide smile on his face and he looked around the club, feeling quite comfortable and warm.

‘Hey, I wondered if you were coming along tonight!’ a voice said brightly from next to Kyuhyun, and he turned to see a chubby cheeked guy he’d met a few times at Yesung’s.

‘Hey, Henry,’ he greeted warmly, giving him a pat on the shoulder.

Henry chuckled. ‘I don’t think you’ve met my girlfriend?’ he said, gesturing the person next to him.

Kyuhyun blinked. ‘Donghae’s a girl?’

Henry and the girl laughed.

‘Someone’s gotten into the happy juice,’ she chuckled, and held out a hand. ‘I’m Amber, not Donghae.’

Kyuhyun laughed. ‘Sorry about that,’ he said jovially, and pulled her into a hug, feeling a rush of affection towards his new friend.

Amber chuckled and patted him on the back. ‘Okay then. Nice to meet you too.’

Kyuhyun drew back and held her shoulders.  ‘I think I love you,’ he told her seriously.

‘Whoa there,’ Henry laughed, and Kyuhyun turned to him.

‘And you,’ he said, then turned to the bar as Henry and Amber exchanged amused glances. ‘Bartender!Shots for me and my friends, please!’

‘Won’t say no to that,’ Amber grinned.

Kyuhyun downed his shot with the couple and stared at his shot glass, entranced by the way the leftover moisture rolled sweatdrops down the side of the glass, creating a liquid ridge where the counter and glass met, and his tongue darted out to entice any possible remaining liquor from his lips.

His eyes fell shut again as a wave of music overtook him again, and he turned to Henry and Amber.

‘I think I’m going to go dance. See you guys soon.’ And with that he moved into the now heavier throng of thrumming people, aiming to get closer to the bass, wanting to be a part of the melody.

He found himself drawing to a stop when he saw Sungmin writhing to the beat, lost in his own world, a fresh drink in hand and sweat glistening like water embers on overheated skin. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but stare, music washing up against, through him, deafening him in the most wonderful way possible, background music to the sight of Sungmin bending his body to the music’s will.

Kyuhyun lost himself in the way the lights played on Sungmin’s skin and dampened locks, and the shadows cast by the flickering lights on his bobbing Adam’s apple as he brought his drink to his lips, Kyuhyun’s eyes lingering on the alcohol pearls caught on Sungmin’s risorius, sliding down his chin, flinging themselves off suicidally into the surrounding crowd, the occasional one landing safely in the depression of Sungmin’s collarbone, reflecting the lights dancing a symphony around Sungmin. 

He wanted to approach the blonde, he wanted to dance with him, he wanted to run his palms over heated skin and cool fabric, but every time he thought of it, of taking those few steps, he forgot, distracted by the way Sungmin swivelled his hips, or bit his lips, or ran a hand through dishevelled hair.

Imprinted afterimages of Sungmin stayed behind his eyelids briefly as Kyuhyun’s eyes closed and his head dropped back again, a particularly intense swell of music exhilarating his core and he found himself moving to the unavoidable lure of the bass heavy melody, losing himself in the sounds, the bustle of laughter and chatter mixing with the music to create an aria Kyuhyun was sure had to be one of the most addictive ever played.

He felt the warm touch of a hand sliding lightly up his arm and he cracked his eyes open and looked down to see a pretty girl with glossy black hair and large brown eyes peering up at him.

‘Hey,’ she said.

‘Hey,’ Kyuhyun replied, turning his arm over to trace the soft underside of her arm with his finger.

‘Wanna dance?’

Kyuhyun knew his answer even before he gave her a lazy once over. His face split into a wide grin and he hooked and arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

‘Sure. Why not?’ And he really saw no reason not to, flashes of blonde in his peripheral vision seeming no more important than the pretty girl in his arms, moving with him.

And when she reached up to touch her lips to his, he saw no reason to push her away, choosing to deepen the kiss instead.

Her lips were soft and warm and willing, but Kyuhyun found himself focussing more on the music than her, despite the fact he continued kissing her and dancing with her, his hands quite comfortable where they sat on her hips.

He wasn’t sure how long he moved to the music with her, hardly aware of the layer of moisture that coated his flesh, the lights, dancing and close proximity of the pulsing crowd taking its toll on his sweat glands.

He felt a hand run loosely down his back and his butt and he broke away from the girl to see Sungmin bouncing distractedly next to him.

‘Have you been drinking water?’ Sungmin asked without preamble.

‘Um… no?’ Kyuhyun answered, trying to bring his mind back from the music.

Sungmin looped his hand in the crook of Kyuhyun’s elbow. ‘Come, let’s go get some.’

Kyuhyun shook his head. ‘I’m not thirsty, though.’

Sungmin raised an eyebrow. ‘Dude, trust me. Drink water.’

Kyuhyun glanced at the girl chewing her lip, and back at Sungmin. ‘Fine,’ he sighed, and pressed his lips to the girl’s cheek. ‘See you later.’

She rolled her eyes. ‘Whatever.’

Kyuhyun shrugged as he followed Sungmin through the crowd, not feeling much concern for the girl- she looked perfectly happy dancing on her own anyway, so he didn’t see why he should.

‘Why the water?’ he asked, taking the bottle Sungmin handed him.

‘You get dehydrated pretty easily on E,’ Sungmin told him, wiping stray water droplets from the corner of his mouth with his thumb, a movement Kyuhyun idly followed with his eyes.

‘Don’t you get dehydrated pretty easily just clubbing in general?’ Kyuhyun asked.

Sungmin shrugged. ‘You don’t really get thirsty on E, so you don’t realise you’re getting dehydrated. Forgot to tell you this beforehand.’ A flash of teeth and Kyuhyun felt he could forgive the blonde anything.

‘So, are you having fun?’Sungmin grinned.

Kyuhyun’s lips curved in a lazy grin. ‘I feel amazing. This music’s amazing.’

Sungmin laughed. ‘It’s pretty damn exhilarating,’ he agreed.

Kyuhyun tilted his head back, feeling the cool water pour down his throat, and proceeded to spill some down his front when something pink and feathery caught his eye.

‘He was so not wearing that when we arrived,’ Kyuhyun declared, watching, nonplussed, as Kangin spun a laughing girl around, a hot pink feather boa draped around his neck.

Sungmin followed his eyeline and heaved an amused sigh at the sight of Kangin. ‘He always ends up wearing the weirdest shit whenever we go out, and he never arrives wearing them. Last time it was a wig. I would accuse him of stowing them away in his manbag, but he doesn’t have a manbag, so…’ Sungmin shrugged and took another swig of water.

Kyuhyun slung his arm around Sungmin’s shoulders with a wide grin. ‘I kind of want to live in this music, you know?’

Sungmin’s lips curled into a soft smile and he leaned his head back into Kyuhyun’s hand as his fingers trailed through the blonde hair. ‘Mmmyeah, I know what you mean.’

Next second, Kyuhyun’s shoulders collided painfully with Sungmin’s when someone barrelled into him by accident.

‘Shit, sorry, dude,’ the clearly wasted guy apologized, before yelling and running off after his friend- well, maybe he’d been pushed, Kyuhyun amended his initial thought as he laughed and waved it off nonetheless.

Sungmin chuckled and took a deep breath, his head dropping back, and Kyuhyun took a moment to admire the column of Sungmin’s throat before Sungmin began spinning to the music, arms outstretched joyously.

Even as his foot attempted dancing on its own, possessed by the music, Kyuhyun felt a rush of affection towards all the people he’d come to consider friends in the short time he’d known them, surveying the club, picking out Donghae and Eunhyuk plastered to each other as they almost fought through dance as they ground hotly on the dancefloor, hands holding each other close and lips warming exposed skin- a stark contrast to Yesung and Ryeowook who had an empty space around them as they both re-enacted their own versions of what Kyuhyun was sure had to be an alien tribal dance of some sort- and his eyes continued to wander, spotting Henry murmuring into Amber’s ear as he pressed her to the wall, and Shindong pressing his lips chastely to a pretty girl’s cheek even as his hand wandered over her backside, and Kangin laughing wildly with a girl under each arm, looking as if he should be wearing a party hat with his outrageous new scarf and a lipstick kiss on his cheek.

He took a final gulp of his water before he relented to his restless foot’s impatient nagging and took to the dancefloor once more, and he was certain that he’d never felt so good in his entire life.

Kyuhyun woke up the next morning in an empty bed and a rapidly fading sense of euphoria as he desperately tried to hold on to the way he’d felt the night before.

He’d never really considered doing anything more than weed, but he couldn’t forget that feeling just as much as he couldn’t hold on to it, and he just lay in bed, waiting for his hangover to hit him.

When it didn’t, he remembered that he hadn’t had as much alcohol as he normally would have, and had drunk water at Sungmin’s insistence, which was a lot more than he usually did, and his lack of nausea firmly cemented his opinion on the drug.

He rolled over and fumbled for his phone, ferreting out Sungmin’s name and pressing dial, a vague thought about checking the time first wandering through his mind as the phone connected with the rustle of bedsheets and a sleepy mumbled ‘hello?’

‘Shit, sorry, did I wake you up?’ Kyuhyun asked, feeling a little bad and trying to find somewhere to check the time.

‘Kyu? Nah, it’s okay. Just gimme a second.’ Sungmin’s voice was low and breathy from sleep and Kyuhyun heard movement on the bed, some more rustling and the clink of a belt buckle, followed shortly after by a door softly opening and closing.

‘Okay, I can talk. Fuck, good thing you called, actually, I have a lecture in like an hour and a half and I still gotta- fuck, where am I- okay, no, I know where I am. Thankfully. Ugh, I need a shower. What’d you want?’ Sungmin’s voice had lost the breathiness, and was gradually breaking through the huskiness of sleep.

‘You’re not at home?’ Kyuhyun asked, and Sungmin chuckled.

‘Yeah, no, I had a bit of an indiscretion last night, shall we say.’

Kyuhyun ignored the rush of jealousy that fizzled in his veins. ‘Oh. Anyway, why didn’t you tell me you did drugs?’

‘You knew I smoked weed…’ Kyuhyun was sure he could hear the smirk in Sungmin’s voice.

‘That doesn’t count.’

Sungmin laughed. ‘I don’t know. To be honest, I kinda thought you’d figure it out- I mean, we do kinda get them from Yesung and the other guys haven’t exactly abstained since you arrived.’

Kyuhyun tried not to feel stupid, and decided to blame his obliviousness on the fact that he was always stoned at Yesung’s place and dismissed the thought from his mind. ‘You saying you have abstained?’

Sungmin’s chuckle trickled through the phone line again. ‘I don’t do them that often anyway.’

‘Fuck, why not? It was awesome,’ Kyuhyun said, a grin pulling at his lips and laughter dripping from his voice.

‘Glad you don’t hate me for it,’ Sungmin mumbled mirthfully, and Kyuhyun heard the click of a lighter.

‘I don’t even have a hangover this morning, there’s no way I could hate you.’ Kyuhyun could practically feel the smoke tickling at his nose as he heard Sungmin exhale, and it compelled him to heave himself out of bed to reach for his own cigarettes.

‘Yeah, they’re fun,’ Sungmin replied, ‘Told you you’d dance.’

Kyuhyun laughed as he lifted papers to look for a lighter.  ‘Hey, you can’t pull that ‘I told you so’ crap on me for that, it’s not like I’d ever taken E before.’

‘I told you to trust me, though. You should’ve just taken my word for it,’ Sungmin chuckled.

Kyuhyun snorted. ‘Sure, trust the man who keeps drugging me, that sounds like a solid plan.’ He grinned as the nicotine hit his lungs and Sungmin let out a shout of laughter.

‘Oh please, I’m merely the enabler, you had a choice,’ Sungmin coughed slightly.

‘I could always blame peer pressure,’ Kyuhyun teased nonchalantly, drawing pictures in the air with his smouldering cigarette.

‘Then that would be on Kangin’s shoulders if anything,’ Sungmin replied, as Kyuhyun idly moved some more papers around, unearthing his long neglected alarm clock, his eyes widening when he saw the time.

‘Oh fuck! It’s Thursday, right?’ he asked, rifling through some more papers to see if he could find his timetable, before giving up and moving towards his laptop.

‘Yeah- did you just see the time?’ Sungmin couldn’t hide the laughter in his voice. ‘You have a lecture, don’t you?’

‘Gotta be there in half an hour,’ Kyuhyun replied, his eyes scanning the timetable he’d brought up on his laptop screen, smoke drifting lazily from the forgotten cigarette dangling from his mouth. ‘See you soon, bye.’

‘Bye!’ Sungmin’s voice called from the descending phone milliseconds before the call was rung off.

Twenty minutes later, when Kyuhyun was flying out the door in a flurry of wet hair and papers, even as he was caught between fretting whether he’d get to the lecture on time and if he’d grabbed his lighter, he couldn’t help thinking how much easier it would be to just feel like he had the previous night all the time, without the frenetic hustle and bustle of life.


‘Fuck, whatever you have is fucking potent, dude, seriously, you gotta light a stick of incense by your door or something, it smells to high heaven,’ Kangin declared, breathing in as he shut Yesung’s door behind him a little over a week later, and then grinning like an anticipatory shark. ‘What’ve you got, though, I don’t recognise it. It smells fantastic.’

‘Probably not gonna get it again anytime soon,’ Yesung replied from where he was crushing some light green buds between his thumb and forefinger in a shallow wooden bowl. ‘Can’t really grow this inside.Got some Malawi Gold.’

‘I think it’s hitting me from the smell alone,’ Kyuhyun commented, lazing in an armchair, an empty beer bottle swinging idly in his hand, intended to be used as a makeshift ashtray for his newly lit cigarette.

‘My eyes are still stinging a bit from when I smelled it earlier,’ Donghae added, curled up on the couch.

‘That’s cos you practically stuck your face in the cob,’ Kyuhyun told him, ‘And then tried to build a tower with the buds.’

‘My hands still feel tacky,’ Donghae said idly, his eyes concentrating on carefully bringing his hands together to feel the residual stickiness.

‘Might wanna use two sticks, it really pongs,’ Kangin told Ryeowook as the petite boy emerged from the kitchen with a pack of incense.

‘Duly noted,’ Ryeowook replied with a wry grin, hanging a makeshift ceramic incense holder from a nail by the door and wedging two sticks in, Kangin lighting them without prompting.

‘Where’re the blondies?’ Kangin asked, ‘Unusual to see you two here without them.’ He jerked his head towards Donghae and Kyuhyun.

‘Min and Eunhyuk went on a snack run,’ Kyuhyun replied, and Kangin chuckled as he collapsed next to Donghae.

‘Hope those idiots get something a bit more substantial than boiled sweets,’ he commented, and stared wistfully at the ceiling fan. ‘Some cake would be nice… swiss rolls maybe…’

‘Got the munchies without even smoking anything?’ Ryeowook chuckled, settling himself back in his apparently comfortable nestling spot by Yesung’s legs.

‘Nah, just really feel like cake,’ Kangin replied, and the room collectively winced when they heard the familiar outraged squealing of Sungmin’s abused brakes.

‘Well, you’ll be able to ask them if they got any in a minute or so,’ Yesung said brightly, rolling a few seeds up the side of the bowl and placing them carefully in an upturned beer bottle lid.

Kangin licked his thumb and leaned forward, stealing a seed and popping it into his mouth, crunching it between his teeth, grinning with half-moon eyes.

‘God, this place smells like a Moroccan whorehouse,’ Sungmin exclaimed delightedly as he came through the door bearing a packet, shortly followed by Eunhyuk, whose eyes nearly rolled back into his head at the scent, and he let out a little whimper before turning to latch the door.

‘Like a what?’ Donghae laughed.

‘I don’t know, something spicy,’ Sungmin shrugged, moving through to the kitchen and wrenching open the freezer, depositing the entire packet in the icy compartment.

‘He wanted popsicles,’ Eunhyuk said to Kangin’s questioning look.

‘Did you get cake?’ Kangin asked eagerly, causing chuckles to ripple through the room.

Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow. ‘Nope. We got chips,’ he offered and Kangin shrugged in defeat.

‘Sungmin, grab me a beer, will you?’ he called.

‘Mmh, seriously, this place smells amazing, though. All spicy and fruity and oh so edibly delicious,’ Sungmin almost moaned as he handed Kangin a beer and peered over Yesung’s shoulder. ‘Oh come on, seriously, you’re not even rolling yet? We were gone forever!’

‘I didn’t start immediately,’ Yesung replied, not looking at Sungmin.

‘They fucked around a bit first,’ Kangin added, taking a swig of beer.

‘What, and you three watched?’ Sungmin said with a grin, his eyes twinkling. ‘How naughty of you.’

Kangin made a face and chucked the bottle cap at the blonde. ‘You’re disgusting, you know that, right.’

‘Whatever, as if you haven’t said worse,’ Sungmin remarked, slipping past to settle into the beanbag next to Kyuhyun, arching his back slightly to retrieve his cigarettes from his back pocket, sticking one between his lips. He patted his pocket briefly and then seemed to think better of the despairing task. ‘Give me a light?’ he asked, gesturing towards the merrily burning cigarette hanging between Kyuhyun’s fingers.

‘Hmm?Oh, yeah, sure.’ Kyuhyun jolted out of his almost meditative study of the curve of Sungmin’s spine to lift his cigarette to his lips, leaning forward to give the fiery breath of life to the blonde’s cigarette, his eyes zoning in on the soft pink swells of Sungmin’s pursed lips.

‘You seem kinda out of it,’ Sungmin commented, grey swirls patterning his lips, face and hair as his lungs reached up towards the heavens with arms of smoke.

Kyuhyun chuckled, shaking his head to give Sungmin’s voice clear access to his ears. ‘No clue why,’ he lied smoothly, bringing his cigarette back up to his lips. ‘You seem awfully chipper.’

Sungmin’s graceful fingers and glowing cigarette couldn’t hide his mischievous smile even if it wasn’t twinkling in his eyes. ‘No clue why,’ he echoed, grinning as Kyuhyun failed to choke back chuckles, and the streams of smoke that escaped their lips danced spirals around each other in the air, two shadowy dragons courting each other in the orange glow of a setting sun.

‘Roll, roll, roll your joint, twist it at the end, take a puff and that’s enough, now pass it to a friend,’ Kangin sang boisterously, drumming on his knees, interrupting Kyuhyun’s imagined peace and reminding him of the other people in the room.

‘Are you finally rolling?’ Sungmin asked, sitting up and peering over the low table eagerly.

‘I’m rolling a toothpick, so it’s gonna take a little longer than usual,’ Yesung replied, glancing up briefly.

‘All hail the master,’ Donghae declared, raising his arms and giving an exaggerated bow towards Yesung before settling back down. ‘I’ve never managed to get toothpicks right, mine always break.’

‘It’s a talent,’ Yesung rejoined, rolling up some cardboard.

‘See, Donghae? That’s a gerrick. I wish you’d learn how to use them,’ Eunhyuk told the golden blonde exhaustedly, pointing towards the cardboard spiral vehemently. ‘All you roll are duck’s butts and it’s getting annoying.’

‘Please, as if you mind my spit in your mouth,’ Donghae mumbled petulantly.

‘That’s different,’ Eunhyuk replied, a faint pink flush on his cheeks.

‘How? You mind a little saliva on a joint, but you don’t mind my-‘

‘Lalalalalalala!’ Kangin exclaimed furiously, cutting Donghae off. ‘You’re going to ruin my buzz before I’ve even had a chance to get one. Fuck, it’s bad enough having to watch you guys go at each other in public, I really don’t want to hear the play by play of what goes on behind closed doors.’

Laughter twitched Donghae’s lips and he opened his mouth, only to have it swiftly covered by Kangin’s hand.

‘Uh uhuh, no, shhh,’ Kangin told him firmly to the soundtrack of Eunhyuk’s cackling laughter.

‘I was just gonna tell him next time he should roll the joint,’ Donghae said innocently once he’d batted Kangin’s hand away.

Kangin snorted. ‘Bullshit.’

Kyuhyun chuckled out the last drag of his cigarette, painting an ash smudge in the abalone shell masquerading as an ashtray with the burnt down butt, blurring out silvery rainbows even further.

Ryeowook let out a light wolf whistle and Yesung raised the long, thin completed joint reverentially to a round of applause, with a laughing whoop from Kangin thrown in.

‘Finally!’ Sungmin exclaimed, as Ryeowook took the first hit, little red tendrils turning the rizzla black at the end, and passed it to Yesung.

A little sound was wrenched from Sungmin’s throat as he collapsed bonelessly into the beanbag. ‘God, I can’t wait. Haven’t had a chance to get blazed all week.’

‘School been hectic?’ Kyuhyun asked, and Sungmin rolled his eyes.

‘Insane. Last week was like the calm before the storm. I seriously need to unwind. The worst of it’s over though, so that’s good,’ Sungmin said on a sigh, resting his ankle on his knee and stubbing his cigarette out on the bottom of his shoe, dropping the butt into Kyuhyun’s forgotten empty bottle.

Kyuhyun made a harrumph of agreement as he leaned forward to take the joint from Donghae, understatedly eager to taste it.

Satisfied with the fruity spiced smoke filling his lungs, he passed it on to Sungmin who inhaled it as if he were drowning and it were a lifejacket before handing it over.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes to see Donghae looking down his nose at the billows of smoke flaring from it, pretending to be a dragon as he often did, and had to bite back a chuckle, a choked hiss coming out instead as he held on to the sativa clouds for as long as his lungs would allow.

‘This stuff is fantastic,’ Sungmin breathed out, a wispy halo manifesting briefly above his head.

Kyuhyun gave a contented smile in response, glancing away from the light dancing through the smoke gathering at the ceiling to the way Sungmin’s eyelashes brushed his cheekbones like butterfly legs.


Kyuhyun couldn’t even begin to decide accurately how much time had passed- all he knew was that it was now pitch dark outside and the first spliff was long gone, other strains had made appearances in joints, more people had arrived and the snacks had long since hit the table, food replacing the mouthfuls of smoke.

He wasn’t sure he could say how many people were in the room, and to be entirely honest, he didn’t really care, as his attention and focus had been stolen when Sungmin had brought out a popsicle.

Kyuhyun knew he was staring, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to care as Sungmin traced a line up the icy cylinder with his tongue, tongue flicking off the end to lick reddened lips before they closed around the popsicle again, slowly engulfing it.

Kyuhyun wanted to blame the weed for the fogginess that engulfed him, focussing only on the smooth glide of coloured ice in and out of Sungmin’s Cupid’s bow lips, in and out, in and out. He wanted to, but as distracted as he was, he could still feel his blood temperature rising and swirling in his body, and his tongue sneaking out to moisten his lips was a far cry from his usual parched panting for water.

He swallowed down air as his breathing grew laboured, his very being transfixed by the tiny multicoloured droplet hanging tentatively off Sungmin’s bottom lip, before the melting icicle was removed and the blonde’s tongue lapped it up eagerly.

Kyuhyun saw Sungmin’s stained lips move in speech, but beforehe could concentrate enough to decipher words from the buzzing the chatter had turned into the popsicle returned to Sungmin’s mouth as the blonde suckled the very end, his tongue swirling teasingly around it every now and then, and Kyuhyun’s imagination plagued him again.

Part of him was convinced that the popsicle was taking an inordinately long time to melt (and wasn’t it uncomfortably warm in here as well?), but most of him really didn’t mind as he watched Sungmin mouth his way up the side of the dwindling icicle.

Kyuhyun felt his breathing hitch as Sungmin flattened and curved his tongue around the underside of the popsicle, collecting pools of sugary water as he gave it a solid lick, and Kyuhyun’s stomach clenched and released when the taunting ice stick disappeared into plumped lips again, Sungmin hollowing his cheeks around it.

Out it came, and back in, further than Kyuhyun thought it should be able to, and when it emerged again the stick was cleaned of ice, Sungmin’s cheeks briefly puffy before they flattened as his lips parted slightly.

Tremors ran through Kyuhyun’s stomach againas Sungmin’s rainbow tongue slid across his gleaming lips, and his thumb came up to catch the dribbles that escaped from the corners of his mouth before they dripped off his chin, finding its way to his mouth where he sucked his thumb clean with relish.

Kyuhyun was still transfixed by lips glistening like multihued drizzle on a summer’s evening when they curved into a devilish smirk, and all he could hear was his quickened breath in his ears as he dragged his eyes to see Sungmin staring back at him with hooded sparkling eyes filled with smug mischief.

Kyuhyun thought he might have managed to croak out an excuse as he pulled himself out of his chair, all too aware of the ache in his groin as he stumbled towards the bathroom, the few beers he’d had through the night not helping his situation at all.

He heard Kangin saying ‘you’re a devious little bitch, aren’t you,’ but only listened to Sungmin’s uproarious laughter in reply before he shut the door behind him and steadied himself on the sink with his arm, his eyes squeezed shut.

Images of Sungmin and pink pouty lips and rainbow frozen treats flashed like a slideshow through his mind, creating a reel stitched together from memory and fantasy as Kyuhyun slumped against the wall, his hands fumbling with his belt buckle.

He groaned as he grasped himself, tongues and colours and blonde and release the only things on his mind.

He buckled his belt once he’d finished and cleaned up some, and glanced over at the bathtub with Ddangkoma lazily swimming around.

‘What? Don’t look at me like that,’ he told the turtle reproachfully, ‘I bet you’ve seen weirder shit go down in this bathroom.’ He caught himself and laughed to himself. ‘What the fuck am I doing,’ he muttered, reaching for the door handle. ‘Talking to a fucking turtle.’

He paused a moment and rested his forehead against the door, wincing a bit before he made his way back into the smoky lounge not without a bit of shame, grabbing a beer and doing his best to ignore the chuckles and knowing smirks, Sungmin’s triumphant, mirthful glances being the ones that made his cheeks burn.


‘Hey, Sungmin, there’re still popsicles left, d’you want one?’ Eunhyuk asked with a wide gummy smile the next afternoon and Kyuhyun let out a small groan and sank as deep down into his beanbag as he could as laughter swept around the room.

‘Oh, I think Kyuhyun might be the one who needs to cool down,’ Kyuhyun heard Sungmin say from behind his hand and he flipped his middle finger in the general direction of the voice, causing laughter to proliferate again.

‘Yesung, why is there a moving rock on your table?’ Kangin asked, as he cleaned some buds, momentarily distracted in his task by an ambling presence on the crowded surface.

‘It’s my new tortoise, Ddangkomaeng,’ Yesung replied, glancing up from the kitchen counter. ‘Ryeowook brought her over this morning.’

‘How do you even know it’s a girl?’ Kangin demanded, peering over to get a closer look at the new addition to the group, along with Donghae who was crouching down to get eye level with it.

‘Well, do you see any junk?’ Donghae replied.

‘Do tortoises even have junk?’ Kangin exclaimed, and the chuckles abounded again, this time not directed at Kyuhyun, a fact he relished.

‘Well, whatever,’ Kangin said after a bit, throwing a wary glance at the tortoise who was stretching its neck out to bump against Donghae’s nose, causing Donghae to go cross-eyed from looking at it. ‘If it pees on the drugs, I’m eating it,’ he added, frustratedly attempting to shake the small silver scissors off his thumb.

‘That’s a horrible thing to say!’ Donghae cried, his sudden move to balefully scowl at Kangin causing Ddangkomaeng’s hasty retreat into her shell.

‘So, I didn’t get a chance to speak to you last night,’ Sungmin said with twinkling eyes, dropping down into the beanbag next to Kyuhyun, who shut his eyes once again.

‘Yeah, well…’ Kyuhyun found he had no idea how to continue his sentence, and Sungmin laughed.

‘I’m not gonna say anything about it,’ Sungmin chuckled, and shot Kyuhyun a teasing grin. ‘I’ll just stare at you and do my best to make you…’ His eyes flicked down to Kyuhyun’s crotch. ‘…uncomfortable again.’

Kyuhyun scoffed awkwardly and leaned forward to swipe his drink off the table, trying to ignore the heavy weight of Sungmin’s leg casually slung over his legs.

Sungmin giggled. ‘I’m kidding. Maybe.’

‘I’m not listening to you anymore,’ Kyuhyun told his friend, a smile tugging at his lips.

Sungmin snorted, raising his own drink to his lips, his cigarette tapping gently at the edge of his glass.

Alcohol was the choice of poison that day, more than delicacy weed, although Kangin was working on rolling the customary joint of a less potent grade.

Afternoon turned into evening as fast as it usually did, and Kyuhyun felt the pleasant buzz of alcohol and a mild high, as opposed to feeling as fucked as he had the night before.

The conversation was loud, and the laughter louder, and the room was full of people, smoky camaraderie and junk food the theme of the day, and Kyuhyun was only distracted every now and then by Sungmin’s toe tracing a line up his leg lazily, or an absentminded hand on his knee, or Sungmin shifting and unintentionally moving his beanbag closer, and then a part of Kyuhyun’s mind was constantly aware of the heat of another person, a specific blonde person, in close proximity to him.

Gradually the conversation got a bit more lackadaisy as alcohol tripped up tongues and the moon rose higher in the sky, unnoticed as yellow lightbulbs bleached eyeballs to blind them to the outside.

Kyuhyun didn’t mind, as he was far too busy surreptitiously eyeing the misted effect Sungmin’s face had gotten in the clouds of smoke in the room, as the blonde talked animatedly, gesturing with his cigarette, although he quickly averted his gaze whenever Sungmin glanced his way, sometimes glancing back up to a teasing smirk and waggle of an eyebrow, and when he looked up to a piercing gaze and Sungmin tracing the edge of his glass with his tongue, Kyuhyun found himself staring intently at the tortoise for a bit longer than could be considered normal.

‘Keeping an eye on me, are you?’ Sungmin teased genially, perching on the armrest of the chair Kyuhyun had relocated to.

‘Just noting you smoke way too many cigarettes,’ Kyuhyun retorted as Sungmin leaned forward to tap the ash off his cigarette onto rough based mother of pearl.

‘Then give me something else to do with my mouth,’ Sungmin grinned, taking another drag of his cigarette and throwing Kyuhyun a wink.

Kyuhyun lifted his drink to his lips in lieu of replying, his eyes having dropped to Sungmin’s lips as soon as Sungmin had replied, darting away just as quickly.

Sungmin blew out his smoke on a sigh and dropped his cigarette in the dregs of his drink, depositing it on the table before turning, slipping his leg behind Kyuhyun and leaning forward so his breath was hot on Kyuhyun’s ear.

‘For god’s sake, Kyu, have you never made the first move before? I’ve been coming on strong and I know you’re into me, so why’re you acting like a fucking virgin schoolboy?’ Sungmin murmured, causing Kyuhyun to choke on his drink.

Sungmin patted Kyuhyun briefly on the back and confiscated his glass, his leg pressing solidly against Kyuhyun’s back as the glass was deposited on the table next to the doused cigarette. Kyuhyun’s airways cleared but temporarily forgot how to work properly when Sungmin took his hand and placed it quite firmly on his thigh.

‘Seriously,’ Sungmin continued, his mouth back to warming Kyuhyun’s ear. ‘With the amount of times I’ve caught you staring at me I’m pretty confident you’re interested and I’m not sure if you’re a little bitch, overthinking it, or just plain dumb and haven’t caught on that I return your interest- which should be pretty fucking obvious, especially after last night.’

‘I figured it might be weird, cos we’ve known each other for so long,’ Kyuhyun replied, keeping his voice low even after he’d cleared the crackle from his throat.

A sharp gust of air blew on Kyuhyun’s ear as Sungmin gave a little laugh, and Kyuhyun’s thumb twitched when Sungmin’s tongue darted out to flick his earlobe, before it resumed tracing patterns on Sungmin’s clothed thigh.

‘I think we can handle it,’ Sungmin muttered, his hand playing with the hair at the nape of Kyuhyun’s neck. ‘Besides, it’s not like we saw each other as gawky teens. In my mind, you’ve gone from asexual tween to someone I’d quite like fucking me to a wall.’

Kyuhyun’s blood started its frenetic rampage as it had the night before at the mental images Sungmin’s words inspired, roaring louder when the blonde nipped at his ear.

‘And if you’re worried about it being weird after, I’d like to just add in that I don’t fuck around casually with my friends.’

Kyuhyun’s lips quirked upward at this statement.

‘Well, that’s a relief,’ he remarked, before tilting his head back and moving his hand from Sungmin’s thigh to the back of his neck, tugging the blonde down to finally taste the lips that had captured his imagination.

It wasn’t the most comfortable kiss ever, sure, but Kyuhyun was past the point of caring. Sungmin’s lips were soft and pliant, and when their tongues tangled he tasted like cigarettes and alcohol, faint traces of weed adding to the all-round addictiveness of pink Cupid’s bow lips.

Kyuhyun was dimly aware of faint drunken catcalls as Sungmin slid from the arm rest into his lap, but since he currently had the object of many of his recent fantasies straddling him he figured flipping them the middle finger behind Sungmin’s back would suffice.

Kyuhyun’s eyes opened long enough to see Kangin and Shindong making faces at them when Sungmin’s tongue traced Kyuhyun’s jaw, but they quickly fell shut again when Sungmin bit his neck and ground his hips down on Kyuhyun’s groin, a small groan floating from Kyuhyun’s mouth.

Sungmin gave a breathless chuckle when Kyuhyun gripped his hips firmly, eager to get as much contact, as much friction, between them as possible. Sungmin complied, slowly moving back and forward in Kyuhyun’s lap, forward and back, while their lips reconnected, and Kangin made a cry of protest which was met with laughter.

‘Bathroom,’ Sungmin muttered against Kyuhyun’s lips and Kyuhyun tried to focus on something other than the aching pressure in his groin and his fingers digging almost painfully into Sungmin’s soft skin where they’d slipped under his shirt.

‘What?’ Kyuhyun replied dazedly, and Sungmin stole another kiss.

‘Bathroom,’ Sungmin repeated, smoothly climbing off Kyuhyun’s lap and grabbing his hand, dragging him out of the chair and towards the bathroom.

‘Yesung, your bathroom is going to be having Kyuhyun’s kids at this rate,’ Kangin declared loudly, and Kyuhyun turned to respond, but Sungmin shoved him through the door and shut it behind them while muttering ‘not the time, Kyu,’ before he could do anything more than open his mouth.

‘But-‘ Kyuhyun tried, and was cut off by a mumbled ‘shut up’ against his lips as Sungmin crowded him into the wall, thighs providing a mockery of friction as Sungmin bucked against him and Kyuhyun briefly lost control of his vocal cords again.

A million thoughts and concerns about how maybe they were moving too fast (and maybe he was freaking out a little because, yeah, he’d never done this before) raced through Kyuhyun’s mind when Sungmin’s hands slipped between them to fiddle with buttons and zips, bumping Kyuhyun’s arms off the shorter boy’s waist, but all of them were blitzed when Sungmin dropped to his knees, bringing Kyuhyun’s pants with him.

Kyuhyun found himself in the exact same position as he’d been the night before, only he infinitely preferred this time round where, as expletives and invocations of deities and unintelligible sounds slipped from his mouth and his hands clenched and unclenched in bleached blonde hair and the moist heat of a talented tongue and mouth laved him with attention, his imagination was entirely superfluous.


A/N: This is for #jessdislikesjam even though she’s been abusing me every time she reads over my shoulder. She was also my beta. SARANGHAE WAIFU. This was meant to be aoneshot of less than 5k when I started but… yeah. The next part is probably going to be longer. Also, I know Ddangkoma is a tortoise (land turtle) as well, but I got given false information from Jess when I started and that came in quite early in the writing process and it made me laugh so it stays. .